About - Itssewmuchcooler 

Our cozies are embroidered and made from scratch to give you the best quality and fit for your beverages.

I learned how to sew and make crafts at a young age from my mother who worked in the fabric industry. I loved to create things and started to sell my products over 25 years ago - first at craft shows, then wholesale orders and even had one of my products in a catalog. I made many things throughout the years, learning new crafts and making a living. It was 12 years ago that I got my first embroidery machine and it was love at first stitch!!! I made a variety of products but 10 years ago I told my husband I wanted to start making beverage holders. He was very skeptical (but always supportive) at first but now admits he was wrong!! I have made many changes in my holders over the years always looking for new designs and styles. I have many of my neoprene fabrics custom made. I create some of the embroidery designs myself while others I have found hunting through thousands of embroidery designs. Our cozies are made from a quality polyurethane fabric that is made here in the USA.My husband and I make a great team! I do embroidery work and sew the holders while my husband helps me with the cutting, trimming and packaging. We also work together on the paperwork part of the business but when it comes to the selling I like to leave that to my husband - he is a great salesman!!My beverage holders are a labor of love and I am so blessed to have the opportunity to share them with you. I am now adding to my online products, items I have made for craft shows throughout the years. They are fun and unique gifts that are also handmade and embroidered. I strive to always give my best and to treat my customers with the greatest respect. We inspect every item we make to insure the finest quality. We want you, the customer, to always be happy with your purchase from us. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. 

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